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We work to rebalance

through creativity,

against all odds.

From the musicians getting us to sing or cry in our kitchens to the organizations making sure people have homes, have food, have a viable future– It’s creativity that carries us through.

And it’s the creative leap that works to transform, challenge and inspire us, that needs support. Especially now. That’s what we support at Holes in the Wall Collective. Through all of our work.

"Popcorn Rock" by Kristyna and Marek Milde-  Exquisite Corpus: the Maize 2016 •  Photograph by Vida Lecari @vida_l_photo


Most of the problems in the world are about something being out of balance. The result of placing value of some things over others, some people over others, some results over others. We think revaluing creative thought and action is essential to rebalancing our planet.  Yet even great ideas can make a mess if there's not a diversity of people and perspectives to hold, challenge & check them.

That's why we're going to build a Center for Research, Reflection and Action.

Suminagashi  workshop with artist Linh Truong at the 9th st Community Garden- 360 Residency 2019


Creativity is a leap. For us creativity is not just about artistic practice, marketing, or fingerpaints– it’s the process in which anyone in any field takes a leap that transforms something and has value. On the canvas, the stage, the page... and in the boardroom, the classroom, the clinic. With the rate of so much destruction around us, we need all the creativity we can get.  

That's why we give time & space to creatives of all kinds to incubate & intersect.
Rude Mechanical Orchestra- whatNOWwhat Change the Climate Benefit 2017 at the Industry City Distillery • Photograph by Deb Klein


The road ahead is full of obstacles. It can sometimes feel like we're too late, we've already missed the boat, that nothing will ever change. Things that can't be immediately measured aren't always valued and people who think differently are often stigmatized instead of celebrated. Yet we keep on. All of our work is rooted in the possibility of transformation.

That's what makes us
Holes in the Wall Collective. 


The interactions and solitude at Holes in the Wall residency came at a pivotal moment in my curatorial career and has shaped not only the project I was working on but every project since.
Nicole Soukup
assistant curator of
contemporary art, MIA

6 years in the city.  3 years on the land.  150+ Creative Residents.  40+ Events. 
12 states & 7 countries.  7,000+ people. 

Over $10k given to 30+ non-profits. 

And we're just getting started.

We don't just do one thing.  On purpose.

Holes in the Wall Collective holds space for creative thought & action, committed to the idea that creativity is our best remediator for the future.


Wide on purpose, designed to fit the role of the artist, the activist, the maker and the vanguard– we’ve since engaged with over 5,000 people and collaborated with over 50 organizations and artists. 


We’re the place where ideas take root, where creativity has room to grow legs and be accountable to itself and others. We are a collective of people who think outside the box, who move things forward by understanding how we got here, who work to re-examine and reimagine the world around us. 


Like an accordion, we expand with each project to include a collective of collaborators, volunteers and creative minds.

Holes in the Wall Collective Board Small
Holes in the Wall Collective writing retreat "The Pulse of Narrative" with Garrard Conley; photo by Leah Haydock

We give time & space for creatives of all kinds to incubate & intersect through residency, programs, campaigns, and public happenings.  

We directly support people and organizations– especially intersecting people and ideas working from different fields and contexts.

After a four year residency at the Industry City Distillery in Brooklyn and three years running a sustaining Creative Residency Program in rural PA, Holes in the Wall Collective is taking our next big leap to build a Center for Creative Research, Reflection & Action in the Catskill region, of New York– while active in NYC.  

Collectively raising $1M in 100 days with as many people as possible.

Our Remote Residency– not just for artists

The Center for Research, Reflection & Action

Our Monthly CSA: Community Supported Action

Signing the Bylaws for Holes in the Wall Collective

Help out on the ground 

GET INVOLVED from right where you are

or jump into the thick of it with us.

We’re like a residency meets an incubator meets a cultural institution meets a joybody on the dance floor getting everyone to dance. 

My job is not to make political declarations but
to make HOLES IN THE WALL . . . that means that my activity must leave behind traces, examples of liberty.  It's not the same as leaving complaints about the subject of freedom...
you must actually get things done. 
-jerzy grotowski
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