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Supporting climate work in New York City

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Rewilding our relationship to land


Journei Bimwala passionately connects people to nature, empowering us to embrace holistic wellness and environmental stewardship, and fostering a deeper connection between humanity and the natural world.


She is a homeschooling mother of three, clinical herbalist, foraging practitioner, certified health coach, transformational coach, and educator based in New York and is currently serving as the Community Coordinator for the New York Mycological Society and Resident Artist at the Bronx River Alliance.

Follow her @bjournei


Housing and Development

Long-time housing advocate Karen Blondel, Founder and Executive Director of the Public Housing Civic Association, knows saving a shoreline can’t be just about the shore but the people who live here.

With experience in engineering, environmental education and public housing policy, she seems to be everywhere at once.

Toast to her and the work and start a conversation. Follow her at @petra0720

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Protecting our Shoreline

Don Riepe is the honorary Jamaica Bay Guardian and defender of the shore and all its inhabitants. With over 30 years experience as a naturalist and manager at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Don doesn't mess around when it comes to community-based coastal clean up and marsh restoration.


His contributions to the academic and journalistic realms are countless, and is currently on the advisory board for NYC Bird Alliance, Co-Chair of the Jamaica Bay Task Force; and Chair of the Wildlife Hazard Task Force, JFK Airport. Just look for the Jamaica Bay Guardian boat and you'll likely see Don on survey or patrol of the Bay he calls his home, fortified with a deep knowledge that protecting the marsh means protecting New Yorkers.

Follow the work @littoralsociety



Youth Action

Anna Tsomo (they/she) is a climate educator and mutual aid activist based in NYC. They are the Program Director of the Teen Climate Justice Program at Sixth Street Community Center in the East Village, which empowers high school students with the information, skills, and relationships they need to become powerful climate activists. 


Anna has been organizing in 2020, resisting fossil fuel expansion, leading projects in citizen science, legislative advocacy, community gardening, youth empowerment, and mutual aid. Raised in Appalachia with roots in Brooklyn & Queens, they are passionate about nature, dance, mindfulness, and approaching life with the values of decolonization and pleasure activism. 

Learn more about the work @sixthstreetcc

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Towards a future we want to live in.

Often when we imagine the future, we find our worst nightmares.  Admittedly there's a lot to fear with what's ahead, and it's important to feel all of it. But what of the future we actually want? 

From the youth just starting to raise their voices to the ones hoarse from years on the frontlines, a tide is shifting, and people are starting to demand something better from our systems, our way of business and even our own habits.

And the more we lean in to the people and ideas worth celebrating and supporting, the more we’ll make the future we need. 


Imagined Futures asks us to envision the world as we want it to be and then actively support the people and organizations who have been working tirelessly to create it.

Imagined Futures will focus on four areas of Climate: Housing and Development, Restoring our Relationship with land, System Change (policy), Youth Justice, and our Shoreline- We will focus on the people behind the work rather than just the work itself, diving into the past, present and future of our very real climate realities and community needs. 


Climate solutions can be romantic, but if created in silos or think-tanks not rooted in communities, they won’t solve anything.


Moving across the city, we’re partnering with community organizations, businesses, artists, teachers, activists and thinkers who are working to change the climate.

In this particular and crucial time – ten years out from Sandy–  Imagined Futures looks to galvanize, high-five and resource people and projects guiding us towards the future we owe to the earth… and each other. 


From the Bronx to Staten Island and everywhere inbetween, Imagined Futures is hi-fiving, galvanizing and spotlighting the work that is and has been happening all over New York City towards a livable future.

We invite you to not only envision the future we want, but help to actively make it.  Come celebrate, dance, engage, argue even- and then… let’s roll up our sleeves and find the best place to put our hands to use. We all have good work to do.


To raise funds and awareness, we’re partnering with local NYC breweries making their own Imagined Futures beers with proceeds going directly to the NYC climate superstars.


We began last October at Strong Rope Brewery in Red Hook. Strong Rope already uses 100% NY ingredients but our collaboration made the most sustainable beer yet in their lineup. Their free rise fermented IPA was made with malt and grain transported down the Hudson on the sailboat Appolonia and used hops sauce to cut down on fresh resources. And best yet, it was delicious.

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