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is part of the environment. 


We are not separate from the world we live in.

 The air we breathe, the water we drink, the ground beneath us. Which is why although Holes in the Wall Collective is not a traditional environmental organization, we are still an environmental organization.


Meaning we are interested in people and the places they are in, ideas and the ecosystems they thrive in. New innovations and old wisdom.

If we are going to deal with climate change, we have to change the climate.Literally. Socially. Politically. In all ways, simultaneously. 


That means we have to start NOW.

Right where we are.

Holes in the Wall Collective Change the Climate Logo

It's about everything from what's for breakfast to what you are wearing to the politics outside your door.

MAMBEMBÉ • Community Saturday
Video credit : Isak Tiner 2019
So... how do you





We're in the street, (when we can be) generating radical optimism.



We're making
glitches in
the matrix.


We're giving time & space to the
people already
doing the work.

We're building a Center to collectively figure out what to

do about it.


What Are We

Doing About it ?


What Can YOU do about it?

Inform yourself. Talk with your friends, to your kids, with strangers.

Acknowledge that you're part of the problem and the solution– you alone didn't cause it and you alone can't fix it– but you're part of it.

Make connections- how did we get here? How do all of the "issues" connect to one another?

Know your way around the H.R.9 – the Climate Action Now Act and the Green New Deal



Share your resources when you can– for the people, movements and organizations fighting for our future.

Acknowledge and listen to the peoples & movements who have always done this work.

Support the Youth !

Help us support the people and organizations changing the climate through creative thought & action.

Join our monthly Community Supported Action

supporting 12 amazing non-profit organizations.

In Education, Economy, Food, Identity, Justice, Design...
just to name a few.

We're supporting organizations working to change the climate in all ways.


We are inspired by many people, past & present.


 Received. Thank you!

Climate Strike. NYC 2019
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