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Giving creatives all over NYC 360 minutes

to rethink creative space.

360 Resident Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons 2019

360 Resident Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons 2019

"Make it real, make it plain, and tell the whole story." Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons at Housing Works in NYC in the Spring of 2019.

360 Resident Su-Yee Lin 2019

360 Resident Su-Yee Lin 2019

"How do you describe what you expect to always be there?" Su-Yee Lin at Freshkills Park, Staten Island in the Spring of 2019.

360 Resident Elyce Semenec 2019

360 Resident Elyce Semenec 2019

"Being in nature is helpful these days." Elyce Semenec at the New York Botanical Garden in the Summer of 2019.

360 Resident Jhon Sanchez 2019

360 Resident Jhon Sanchez 2019

"There are many ways to be an american." Jhon Sanchez at the American Legion Post 1291, Chinatown Manhattan in the Spring of 2019.

360 Resident Linh Truong 2019

360 Resident Linh Truong 2019

Suminagashi in the Garden. "A Labyrinthine Dream." Linh Truong at the 9th St Community Garden in the Spring of 2019.

A micro-residency matching people who are engaging creatively
with a space that will enhance or challenge their work.

This residency was born out of our own creative necessity. Inbetween spaces in the country and city, we found ourselves without the very thing we were trying to offer: space. 


But how do you run a residency program without a space? You make the residency right where you are.

For us, that meant NYC– from the Bronx to Staten Island. We found partners in community gardens, timeless delis, the most loved-hated MTA, and fancy hi-rise firms...and we made it short enough so that every kind of space and resident could participate– just six hours, or 360 minutes. The 360 Residency was born and is thankfully here to stay.

Kacie Lyn-Martinez • 9th St Community Garden
"I collaboratively designed my micro-residency with the 9th Street Community Garden in an interactive installation, an altar of gratitude, admiration, hope, and community. Dozens of garden visitors and members came together to weave letters using garden clippings and natural yarns I spent weeks hand-dyed with red cabbage, onions, and avocados. Together, we crafted an entirely biodegradable installation in six hours...Garden Love Letters is one of my first projects that seeks to embrace the infinite, and the 360 Residency was a profound opportunity to reimagine what a process centering on humans and ecology could be." 
From her 360 blog post, September 2019

A love letter to New York City- from the corner deli to the legislature.

360 Resident Kacie Lyn Martinez - Holes in the Wall Collective
Morris Jumel House
July 2019
Washington Heights
Abbott House
June 2019 
Morris Adjm Archetects 
November 2019
Lower Manhattan
Liebmans Deli
October 2019
The Bronx
SIMS Recycling Plant
August 2019

Follow the journey around the city with reflections from the residents with our 360 minute one day residency blog… 

Interested in Applying?

You tell us what you are working on and we’ll pair you with a space in New York. We meet you at the space, introduce you to your residency for the day and you take it from there. You’ll have 360 minutes. We’ll ask you to make one post during your residency that what you are working on, something that came up in your process or your interaction with the space. It gets put online as part of a series. We’ll then host a public event this fall and invite all participants to attend and share their work.

It’s free to apply and participate.

"The 360 Minute residency is genius in its reclamation of the creator’s expression and process as an inherently radical act that happens in every day spaces—without the fanfare and gatekeeping of “high art” institution. Through imaginative naming, the parameters of the artist’s studio permeates into a public we often take for granted, and invites possibility that springs from an active conversation with the beautiful, glorious, art of the mundane." 
City Hall Marriage Bureau
January 2020 •  Blog Post


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