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Holes in the Wall Collective works like an accordion, expanding with each project to include a collective of collaborators, volunteers and creative minds.

Over the years we have worked with  Heeyoung Music, PIMA at Brooklyn College, Next Epoch Seed Library, Batalá New York, Andrew Benincasa, DJ Scribe, Art Codex, Krystina & Marek Milde, Catherine Grau, Bibi Calderaro, Dana Hemes, Glen Einbinder, tubafresh, Lucky Chops Brass, Funkrust, Rude Mechanical Orchestra, Nikki Selken, Kriye Bodi dance, Natasha Corbie, Cecelia Rembert, Deb Klein Photography, Textile Arts Center, Insatiable Vegan, Ryan Eggensperger, BEAT festival, The Glasshouse, The Work Center among many others.

Have supported organizations such as  Make the Road, Vibe Theater Experience, Hattie Carthan Community Garden, My Sister's Place, Trans Women of Color Collective, Black Woman Artists for Black Lives Matter, Honor the Earth, 350NYC, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Earthjustice, Center for Media Justice, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Interference Archive, WITNESS, The Guardian Project, City Growers, Brooklyn College Community Partnership, Urban Word NYC, Day One, and the True Colors Fund.
Have held Residencies and Workshops with  JAG Productions, New Feet Theater, Associates Theater Group, Broken Box Theater Troupe, Elyce Semenec Yoga, Garrard Conley Art of the Narrative, Caroline ParsonsRitual Life, Porras/Ghoussaini and many independent artists and thinkers.

We are building our team...


Calling on your sassy, your grounded, your level-headed and

instinctual selves to support us in launching our next big leap. 

Intern No.2 :  Magic Sass & People Person

(looking for a bright energetic mover & shaker )


Program development and directing the Youth & Elder Bridge for inter-gnerational knowledge sharing and project building for the future.

Youth leadership, cross-generational idea building, responsive action, community partnerships, future predictions, grounded context, multi-age experience and respect.

On site (Center for Creative Research, Reflection & Action) Residency Steward.

Future on site management of the Creative Residency Program and other programming support - on site hosting, travel and participation.  


On site (Center for Creative Research, Reflection & Action) Farm Steward.

We are building a sustainable agricultural model for the land, with plans to support experimental farming techniques in the era of climate chaos. 


Ground suppport - volunteers, high-fives, collaborations. 

Help us grow, give time, resources, space, capital...


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Our Advisory



Holes in the Wall Collective greatly benefits from the support and wisdom of a wide community of advisors.  We are grateful.

Caroline Parsons • Cara Rose Defabio • Lali Khalid • Jarvis Antonio Green • Kerry Higuera • Dana Hemes • Lizzie Bogosian • Christopher Kennedy • Savannah Shange • Kaya Chwals • Laura Kim • Lauren D Chavez • Nicole Asselin • Bianca Paolucci • Oris Buckner • Andrea Pritchett • Connie Ulasewicz • Nicole Soukup • Ava Roy • Mark Kenwood • Megan Armstrong • Rosalie Kenwood • Dave Geissler • Ben DuVall • Mikele Rauch • Alex Gray • Doug Rauch • Allison Raaum • Lisa Piccione • Amber Espar • Elizabeth Gjelten • Kate Livson • Susanna Ronner • Dan Talley • Harris Salat • Robby Tanouye • Anna Perricci • Arielle Narva 

Our Past Collaborations

Workshop in Memoir with Garrard Conley -
Art by Anne Percoco • Exquisite Corpus: the Maize 2016
Holes in the Wall Collective Board
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