In the next year HWC will launch our NYC programming– kicking off with our 360 One Day Residencies in unlikely spaces, launch our For the Fire, For the Future Campaign, launch our Speculative (Near) Future campaign and Teaspoon Brigade, make a major land purchase for the Center for Creative Research Reflection and Action (outside the city)… Let’s just say we plan on being busy.

We’re Looking foR…


Intern No.1:
Researcher Extraordinaire & Task Manager
(Looking for an investigative journalist meets researcher)

  • help us create databases & scavenger hunt to find participants, donors and organizations

  • manage lists of applicants/spaces

  • not be afraid of time management

  • help be the task master for our deadlines

  • Partnership Research– organizations, like and kindred

  • Funding/Donor Research– following the money
    (with as much integrity as possible)

  • “Boss” us around– keep us on task and on deadline, practice how to be a good leader & how to hold others accountable with respect

qualities : thorough, curious, detailed, firm not strict, a creative organizer



Intern No.2 :
Magic Sass & People Person
(looking for a bright energetic mover & shaker )

  • help manage our social media campaign and on the street campaign

  • putting ourselves out there and making a virtual paper trail

  • teaspoon brigade campaign

  • sushi hands sign-up assistance

  • gather the social media base

  • Social Media accounts management- finding followers, following others, posting, linking content, campaign related posting

  • Creative Street Team participant

  • Marketing & Promotions

  • Audacious Asks

qualities: sassy, sure-footed, confident, detail oriented, a little brash


Looking forward to meeting you!

After initial trial period there will be a project stipend available- details to be discussed in interview.