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for a community wide

do it yourself walking tour and scavenger hunt

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How much of Red Hook do you really know?

Take a curated walk and join our community scavenger hunt, all the way up from Red Hook Initiative down to the Waterfront Museum.

Made in collaboration with youth from Red Hook Arts Project.

We’ll be highlighting the amazing work already happening all over the community, the stories behind the scene, the flowers coming out of the cracks and the work still needed to be done.

Learn about Red Hook Initiative's community organizing and climate justice work, creating change from within for over 6,500 residents of the Red Hook public housing community. Come volunteer at the RETI Center, an educational floating barge at GBX terminal where you’ll learn about models for a viable 2100. Get your hands dirty at youth-centered Red Hook Farms, with their groundbreaking compost program and outdoor classroom. Step onto living history on the floating Waterfront Museum, built atop a 100 yr old + barge. Check out the art from RHAP, transforming the lives of youth through creative self-expression. Head over to Pioneer Works to check out the exhibit Climate Futurism in partnership with Headlands Center for the Arts, curated by Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson.

Participants will be encouraged to learn more along the way with the interactive map app Final Notice started in 2018 by the artists and technologists of Danielle Russo Performance Project and the Youth Leaders at Red Hook Initiative and El Puente in collaboration with over 50 local activists, conservationists, environmentalists, historians, non-profit organizations, and grassroot initiatives across coastal Brooklyn. Final Notice exposes the ongoing effects of climate change, environmental racism, and historical erasure on the Brooklyn Waterfront.

Anyone who visits all 6 destinations can come Strong Rope Brewery for a free pour or nonalcoholic treat for those underage or abstaining from alcohol.

The tour is free and all ages are welcome.

Maps are available at each location.

Route was made with input from Jaden, Rosana, Felix and Angelly of RHAP.

Red Hook Initiative

767 Hicks St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

M-F 8a-8p

Red Hook Farms

560 Columbia Street
Brooklyn, NY 1123

Saturdays 10a-4p

RETI Center

701 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Check their instagram

Waterfront Museum

290 Conover St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Thurs 4-8p ; Sat 1-5p


291 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Tues-Thurs 12-7p

Sat 12-5:30p

Pioneer Works

159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Wed-Sun 10a-6p

Coming from the NYC Ferry?

First check out Portside and the Mary Whalen.

Start at Pioneer Works, and make your way to RHAP, then RHI, the Farm the RETI center, and finally the Waterfront Museum.

Coming from the IKEA Ferry?

Start at RETI Center and then make your way around the beautiful Erie Basin Park. Head over to the Farmup to RHI, down to Rhap and Pioneer Works and the Waterfront Museum.

Coming from the B61 Bus?

Start at RHI, head down to the Farm and RETI Center, down along the water to the Waterfront Museum, up to RHAP and Pioneer Works and back down to Strong Rope.


Hear what JADEN

has to say...

From Rosana...

My name is Rosana, I’m 19 years old and I’ve lived in Red Hook ever since I was 4 years old. I just want people to know that Red Hook is divided. Yes, we are a community but the back of Red Hook and the front of Red Hook is two different worlds. One is where tourist and people love to go to because its beautiful and has great sights but the other is were people second guess go even look at let alone walk through. I do hope one day we can as a whole of Red Hook be a community but as of right now its just little groups.  

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