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The best time to plant a tree is 30 years ago. The second best time is right now.

We need a space dedicated to creative work. Fostering diverse creativity across sectors and identities might be the most radical and necessary thing we can do right now with an uncertain future.

It's time to get

on the land.


Follow the spoon


Collectively raising $million dollars in 100 days with as many people as possible
to buy a home for Holes in the Wall Collective.


Justice Now.

What’s happening across the United States and across the globe is the inevitable and painful failure of a system that does not honor life from one body to the next. The deep-seated racism that has built so much of this country will not be solved without deep reflection, acknowledgment, and action. We need significant structural change. 


We support all those who are working for this change whether right now in the streets, the classroom, the boardroom, or on the canvas. We are committed to supporting the work to restore access to basic needs. These include justice, economy, communication, technology, and identity– the ability to be as you are.  


This is what we mean by Change the Climate- literally, socially and politically. The climate that destroys the future for the next generations is the same climate that killed George Floyd. And Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Muhlaysia Booker, Amadou Diallo, Emmet Till...and the countless more, so many unnamed and forgotten.


Black Lives Matter is not just a slogan to put in the window and continue living the way we have until now.

The road to liberation is long and unless we are walking it consciously with every step, we’ll never get there. 


Creativity can't stop now.

Like everyone, we've been affected by the coronavirus in everything we do. But while much of our programming has been put on hold, the reason why we do what we do hasn’t changed.

The need for creativity connecting divergent ideas and disciplines is more important than ever.

So we're pivoting, enlarging our audience instead of shrinking it and finding moments of collective creativity despite it all.

Holes in the Wall Collective's

Community Supported Action 

12 themes. 12 organizations. And us. 
For the fire. For the future.

Right now we are in a global crisis, but what is breaking was already broken.

Economic systems that unfairly distribute wealth, people without basic health care, communities of color bearing the brunt of any crisis, whether it is COVID-19 or climate change. 

That’s why we are all the more proud of our CSA,

highlighting 12 organizations this year who are creatively working from the ground up to revalue and shape our systems.



Work Desk 2020 - Holes in the Wall Colle


A three hour residency in your own space.

Collective pop-ups while many of us are ordered to shelter in place.


Dance breaks, 360 Second Residencies, Collective Library... 


Follow us on instagram for updated information and to join one for yourself. 



Creative Insurrection No. 1
CSA: April // Health, supporting VOCAL NY
Creative Insurrection no. 2
Creative Insurrection no. 3
one, two, three by Julia Rose Meeks
Sewing Seeds

For years we’ve been talking about a world where we no longer need heroes to save the day, where we are responding to what’s ahead instead of reacting to a crisis. But here we are and the heroes among us are in the streets marching and organizing, are health practitioners, postal workers, delivery people…and artists, who never stop finding a way to communicate. Please support those around you, join us in our daily creative insurrections, and if you have anything extra, consider making a donation so we can continue through this, better than before.






Holes in the Wall Collective is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  All donations are tax deductible and extremely helpful.

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