360 One Day


A micro-residency for 360 minutes somewhere in the five boroughs of New York City. Rethinking what creative space looks like.

CSA: Community

Supported Action

Support us and a different organization each month doing vital work within the 12 basic needs.

Teaspoon Brigade

Showing the power of collective action, whether through a seesaw installation in public spaces, or a giant 6 ft socially distanced spoon garnering curiosity and engagement.



A glitch in the matrix.

Radical Optimism, unexpected

engagements, public doubletakes.



Public conversations looking

towards what makes a collective intelligence in our work.

Getting on

the land

It's a full tilt movement to get HWC a permanent home, so we can fulfill the vision of giving time & space to creatives across disciplines.

E3 Fellowship

Emergent.  Established.  Emergency. Bringing together perspectives on where we go from here. A fellowship meets a residency meets a   conference. Help us BUILD IT.



Creative fundraising with everyday products: beer, chocolate, chips. This branch of HWC is looking for a team and funding to launch. INTERESTED? contact us.

Youth & Elder Bridge

 Intergenerational knowledge sharing and project building for the future. This program is in development.  Help us BUILD IT. Art by Ricardo Levins Morales 

Open Residency,
Framework Sessions
& workshops

Over 125 creative residents and six workshops at the Holes in the Wall Collective Cabin in New Jerusalem, Pennsylvania. 


Bringing over 3,000 people to the room– multi-faceted events involving participants and audiences from an array of disciplines and identities.

Pop-Up Benefits

A series of pop-up benefits raising funds for 20+ organizations with performance, music, art and information. And introducing the HWC Teaspoon Brigade.

Exquisite Corpus:
the Maize 2016

A horizontally curated group show about our relationship to corn, the land and each other - exhibited through environmental installations.