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Holes in the Wall Collective 360 Residency with Artist Emily Garfield on the NYC Ferry System from Wall Street to Astoria to the Rockaways.

360 One Day


A micro-residency for 360 minutes somewhere in the five boroughs of New York City. Rethinking what creative space looks like.

Holes in the Wall Collective CSA Logo

CSA: Community

Supported Action

Support us and a different organization each month doing vital work within the 12 basic needs.

Holes in the Wall Collective Teaspoon Brigade in Prospect Park Brooklyn Summer 2019

Teaspoon Brigade

Showing the power of collective action, whether through a seesaw installation in public spaces, or a giant 6 ft socially distanced spoon garnering curiosity and engagement.

Holes in the Wall Collective Creative Insurrection eating apples at the Apple store



A glitch in the matrix.

Radical Optimism, unexpected

engagements, public doubletakes.

Holes in the Wall Collective whatNOWwhat Roundtable Logo



Public conversations looking

towards what makes a collective intelligence in our work.

Lookout view at the future Center for Creative Research Reflection & Action

Getting on

the land

It's a full tilt movement to get HWC a permanent home, so we can fulfill the vision of giving time & space to creatives across disciplines.

Holes in the Wall Collective E3 Fellowship 'what do mean by balance?'

E3 Fellowship

Emergent.  Established.  Emergency. Bringing together perspectives on where we go from here. A fellowship meets a residency meets a   conference. Help us BUILD IT.

Holes in the Wall Collective whatNOWwhatChange the Climate Pale Ale



Creative fundraising with everyday products: beer, chocolate, chips. This branch of HWC is looking for a team and funding to launch. INTERESTED? contact us.

Cactus Sprout - Holes in the Wall Collec

Youth & Elder Bridge

 Intergenerational knowledge sharing and project building for the future. This program is in development.  Help us BUILD IT. Art by Ricardo Levins Morales 

Holes in the Wall Collective Cabin 2015-2018

Open Residency,
Framework Sessions
& workshops

Over 125 creative residents and six workshops at the Holes in the Wall Collective Cabin in New Jerusalem, Pennsylvania. 

Holes in the Wall Collective whatNOWwhat Pop Up Benefit Series 2016


Bringing over 3,000 people to the room– multi-faceted events involving participants and audiences from an array of disciplines and identities.

Holes in the Wall Collective whatNOWwhat: Change the Climate Pop Up Benefit

Pop-Up Benefits

A series of pop-up benefits raising funds for 20+ organizations with performance, music, art and information. And introducing the HWC Teaspoon Brigade.

Corn Roots by Artcodex, Exquisite Corpus: the Maize 2016, Holes in the Wall Collective

Exquisite Corpus:
the Maize 2016

A horizontally curated group show about our relationship to corn, the land and each other - exhibited through environmental installations.

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