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The Holes in the Wall Collective Fellowship is designed to jumpstart, dig deeper or help finish a specific project, related to one of the 12 monthly themes.

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12 themes. 12 Fellows.

For projects big and small.

The Holes in the Wall Collective Fellowship is designed to be short and low-intensive, offering support, structure and accountability to one’s process without demanding large time commitments, an extensive application process or a prohibitive pedigree.

The Fellowship offers weekly meetings for one month that guide and lend support towards the formulating, enacting or completing of a project.  Depending on the project, HWC offers various resources of research, contacts and frameworks geared towards the fellow.


If you have been thinking of getting a project off the ground, want some structured time for your research or planning, want to take a leap into intersecting your field with other fields and communities, or just need a little fire under your feet, please apply.

Applications now open for

JUNE • CLOTHING  and future months.

This month...



Veleda Roehl

This month in celebration of where healing and health collide and converse, we look towards wholeness and all the fragments along the way...

Veleda Roehl works as a dancer, educator, birthworker and yoga instructor. She apprentices under her mother Diana Roehl, a long time yoga teacher and teacher mentor, and obtained multiple certifications through Yoga Alliance. As a birthworker, she trained with DONA and as an apprentice under master Midwife Nonkululeko Tyehemba, Ibaye, and the Harlem Birth Action Committee. She teaches, studies and performs dances from her ancestors and dance traditions throughout the African Diaspora with Adia T. Whitaker’s Ase Dance Theatre Collective, choreographer nia love, and her own dance works. Veleda serves as a Creative Focus Group member for KHEPERU LLC/The 45 Degrees Project and is also a full-time dance teacher at a local public charter school. She's published and presented her research on the positive effects of dance and movement on the parent-child bond and dedicates her career to the study and benefits of movement for community and human development. 

Veleda is a dedicated mother, wife, sister, aunt, daughter, niece and community based cultural worker who shares the blessings of life with her blended family-husband, performing artist and filmmaker Orion Gordon, and their amazing children, Lamine and Zinnia.



Aika Swai

What we carry and how we carry it across our lives, across continents, and across perceptions is something that can be transmuted but not always codifed. This month's theme of education walks that beautiful line. 


Aika Swai is a Tanzanian-American scholar specializing in African Literature and Cross Atlantic themes of decolonization. She is currently completing her PhD at the University of Cape Town (UCT), focusing on the communicability of supernatural, paranormal or so-called magical events in African and (Native) American literatures. During the fellowship, Aika is working on her guest lecture catalog and upcoming website.

Check out Aika's website, completed during her fellowship.

Aika books.from the side.jpg
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