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Rebalancing the world

we're in through joy,

creativity & action.

From the musicians getting us to sing or cry in our kitchens to the organizations making sure people have homes, have food, have a viable future– It’s creativity that carries us through.

And it’s the creative leap that works to transform, challenge and inspire us, that needs support. Especially now. That’s what we support at Holes in the Wall Collective. Through all of our work.

whatNOWwhat Change the Climate Pop-Up Be
whatNOWwhat Change the Climate  pop-up benefit at Industry City Distilllery 2017• Photo by Deb Klein

We’re like a residency meets an incubator meets a cultural institution meets a joybody on the dance floor getting everyone to dance. 


The interactions and solitude at Holes in the Wall residency came at a pivotal moment in my curatorial career and has shaped not only the project I was working on but every project since.
Nicole Soukup
assistant curator of
contemporary art, MIA

6 years in the city.  3 years on the land.  150+ Creative Residents.  40+ Events. 
12 states & 7 countries.  7,000+ people. 

Over $10k given to 30+ non-profits. 

And we're just getting started.

We don't just do one thing.  On purpose.

At Holes in the Wall Collective, we engage with the world we’re in- which means acknowledging the deep wounds at the hands of humanity, while actively supporting those courageous enough to transform it.

People can do extraordinary things, but they need time, space and feedback to do it. And they need to be around other people who don't look or think like them. When we create possibilities for curiosity and the leap of creativity, we step past what we know into a willingness to more deeply engage and ultimately transform ourselves, the earth and each other.
The future is intersectional and so are we. We consider making holes in the wall the work of collective liberation, and we celebrate that work joyfully.

our vision

Dhira spoon arch.jpg
The giant spoon in Prospect Park 2020

To remove silos.

We figure the best shot we have at making something better is to support creative work with as many representations of people & ideas as possible.

Accessible by design.

Our programs are made to be accessible, integrated into the world we're in, and with the possibility to create the world we want.

A dedicated space.

We all need a place to do the work. To converge with others. To get feedback. That's why we're building a center.

My obligation is not to make political declarations but to make HOLES IN THE WALL...that means that my activity must leave behind traces, examples of liberty. It's not the same about leaving complaints about the subject of freedom...YOU MUST ACTUALLY GET THINGS DONE.
-Jerzy Grotowski
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