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An artist residency, not just for artists. 

An Artist Residency 
not just for artists?

We think revaluing creative thought & action is essential to rebalancing our planet.  That means the work of the educator, the economist, the lawyer, the mother is just as creative as any. We welcome anyone working to innovate, re-evaluate, rebuild or straight up be creative in their work. 

The Creative Residency Program is designed to span across many mediums and designations of creativity. 

In the CITY,

in the COUNTRY,


Big projects.  Small Projects. Collaborations.  Solo work.

A place to delve into research.  To design new systems. To explore new materials.  To organize for climate change.  To write new policy.  To work on a film.  To build curriculum.  To re-envision the economy.  To unpack democracy.  To choreograph a new piece.  To record an album.  To practice new agriculture techniques.  To study the effects of light on your spine or solar flares for an institution.  To find cross-over with perspectives from other fields. 

"Holes in the Wall Collective provided space, time, deep curiosity, and a nurturing community, resulting in a whirlwind of extremes in my art practice: deep field (and soil) research, rigorous tinkering, fruitful experimentation, autopoietic art-making, active becoming of other, and continuous  interspecies mingling. It was rejuvenating and exhausting; an igniting experience."
Dana Hemes • Exquisite Corpus 2016

We welcome all creatives

to apply.

Expanding our residency to those working in science, policy, economics, mathematics, education, research, activism, pedagogy, and technology in addition to the more known forms of creative practice in the visual arts, writing, performance & music.  We then curate residents across disciplines to engage with their practice and share collective space.



THREE HOURS, in your own space.

There is incredible work being done every day, and but there is often a lack of support, access and value given to it. We give people time & space to do their work their way, and offer meaningful feedback and unlikely partnerships.

Because nothing good has ever happened without time, support & feedback.



SIX HOURS, matched to a space in NYC.

360 Residency

Celebrating collective knowledge, wisdom and experience across fields and perspectives. We work to remove silos, decrease polarization and catalyze whole system thinking.


Emergent & established. Rural & urban. Youth & elders. Lawyers & dancers...



THREE/FOUR DAYS, at The Center.

Open Residency

Creating possibilities of joy, creativity and action to what’s otherwise overwhelming, debilitating, or deafening –whether with giant spoons, brass bands, or amazing meals.


Between total overwhelm and outright denial, we make holes in the wall of what is to see what could be.

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Even though the future is uncertain, in this time of Coronavirus, we look forward to the time we can gather together again knowing it will be more important than ever. 


The Creative Residency Program will be housed at the future site for the Holes in the Wall Collective Center for Creative Research, Reflection & Action. 


Want to stay in the loop for season announcements and to find out when the Creative Residency Program Applications are live ? 


What happens when you get a scientist, a dancer, a farmer and a programmer in a room together? 
It could be the start of a bad joke...
or the start of something really interesting.
We make holes in what is... to see what could be.