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We get it together.

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Working to rebalance
the world we're in through joy, creativity & action.

At Holes in the Wall Collective, we engage with the world we’re in- which means acknowledging the deep wounds at the hands of humanity, while actively supporting those courageous enough to transform it.

People can do extraordinary things, but they need time, space and feedback to do it. And they need to be around other people who don't look or think like them. When we create possibilities for curiosity and the leap of creativity, we step past what we know into a willingness to more deeply engage and ultimately transform ourselves, the earth and each other.
The future is intersectional and so are we. We consider the act of making holes in the wall the work of collective liberation, and we celebrate that work joyfully.

our vision

"Popcorn Rock" by Kristyna and Marek Milde-  Exquisite Corpus: the Maize 2016 •  Photograph by Vida Lecari @vida_l_photo


Most of the problems in the world are about something being out of balance. The result of placing value of some things over others, some people over others, some results over others. We think revaluing creative thought and action is essential to rebalancing our planet.  Yet even great ideas can make a mess if there's not a diversity of people and perspectives to hold, challenge & check them.

For ourselves, the earth

and each other.

Rude Mechanical Orchestra- whatNOWwhat Change the Climate Benefit 2017 at the Industry City Distillery • Photograph by Deb Klein


The cultivation of joy is an embodied philosophy of Holes in the Wall Collective.  It’s active, it risks the dance, the leap, the newness like love sending shockwaves through the chest, the power of a sea-swell, the movement of a thousand people in the street.  It is both fuel and the offering of creativity, especially when accompanied by struggle, difficulties, oppression…

To leave traces of
Suminagashi  workshop with artist Linh Truong at the 9th st Community Garden- 360 Residency 2019


Creativity is a leap. For us creativity is not just about artistic practice, marketing, or fingerpaints– it’s the process in which anyone in any field takes a leap that transforms something and has value. On the canvas, the stage, the page... and in the boardroom, the classroom, the clinic. With the rate of so much destruction around us, we need all the creativity we can get.  

To bring together a
collective intelligence.
whatNOWwhat 2016 at the Industry City Distillery • Photograph by Deb Klein


The road ahead is full of obstacles. It can sometimes feel like we're too late, we've already missed the boat, that nothing will ever change. Things that can't be immediately measured aren't always valued and people who think differently are often stigmatized instead of celebrated. Yet we keep on. All of our work is rooted in the possibility of transformation.

That's what makes us
Holes in the Wall Collective. 
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