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For the last 5 years we have been producing mulit-faceted events, workshops and benefits in Brooklyn and for 3 years ran a creative residency program– an artist residency not just for artists– in rural Pennsylvania. 

6 years ago we built a vision for a creative organization– 

a collective made to re-value the role of the artist & to hold space for the creative leap...

you know the one, it exists whenever something new is formed and it is everywhere.


So we got to it.  We partnered with the Industry City Distillery (pre Industry City) and produced over 30 happenings– from information carnivals to horizontal art shows, pop-up benefits to big brass band series.  

With over 3,000 people and 40+ partnering orgs, artists, groups. We did it all from concept to martini shaking to taking the trash out– paying artists and donating to orgs along the way. 

In the middle of all that we started a Creative Residency in rural PA, on the Art in the Fields property, in our beloved four bedroom cabin on 25 acres. 

We jumped right in– opened the residency to anyone working creatively across all fields.  In three years we became financially sustainable and hosted 140+ residents, mainly people who consider themselves both artist and lawyer, educator, scientist . . .

our work has just begun.

Next up, we decided to incorporate as a non-profit, built our board and in September received our 501c(3) status (wooohooo!).

My job is not to make political declarations but

to make HOLES IN THE WALL . . . that means that my activity must leave behind traces, examples of liberty.  It's not the same as leaving complaints about the subject of freedom . . .

you must actually get things done. 

-jerzy grotowski

Found the perfect home for Holes in the Wall Collective in the Catskill Region of New York and made NYC our residency space– launching our 360 micro creative residency in the deli, the community garden, the legislature.

So what's coming for Holes in the Wall Collective ? We are actively raising $650k to build a Center for Creative Research, Reflection & Action– a space for intersection, cross-sector building, a space to hold the creative leap– a home for the Creative Residency and our future programming.


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