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Holes in the Wall Collective holds space for creative thought & action, committed to the idea that creativity is our best remediator for the future.

We don't just focus on one issue on purpose because siloed 'solutions' to humanity's most pressing issues can create more problems and less resolution. Artists, activists, scientists, educators, farmers and policy makers need time & space for collaboration & creativity in their work.


We’re the place where ideas take root, where creativity has room to grow legs and be accountable to itself and others. We support people who think outside the box, who move things forward by understanding how we got here, who work to re-examine and reimagine the world around us. 


Like an accordion, we expand with each project to include a collective of collaborators, volunteers and creative minds.

Holes in the Wall Collective Board Small
Holes in the Wall Collective writing retreat "The Pulse of Narrative" with Garrard Conley; photo by Leah Haydock

We give people across sectors time & space to innovate and incubate their work, bringing them together through meaningful and transformative feedback. We give the public ways to joyfully engage with complicated subjects.


Over the last six years, we have reached over 7,000 people with our work– producing 40+ public engagements, hosting 150+ creative residents around the country and the world, and directly supporting 60+ other nonprofits.

After a four-year residency at the Industry City Distillery in Brooklyn and three years running a sustaining Creative Residency Program in rural PA, Holes in the Wall Collective is taking our next big leap to build a Center for Creative Research, Reflection & Action in the Catskill region, of New York– while remaining active in NYC.  

The Teaspoon Brigade– collective fundraising with as many people as possible.

Our Remote Residency– not just for artists

Build the Center for Research, Reflection & Action

Our Monthly CSA: Community Supported Action

Signing the Bylaws for Holes in the Wall Collective

Help out on the ground 

GET INVOLVED from right where you are

or jump into the thick of it with us.

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