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The world around us is overwhelming and often demoralizing.  So much is out of balance and needs attention that it's hard to know where to begin. . .  


Start where you are. 
It’s the only place you can really step from, right?

Over the last six years we have figured out what we do really well– which is to hold space. For the multi, the many, the edges and the center.  To converge people who otherwise might not intersect and to nurture and challenge creative ideas. We figure this is our super power of sorts, and it's time we put it to full use.

We are part of a collective of people who think outside the box, who work to move things forward by understanding how we got here, who create the conditions for balance, who challenge and check one another, who work to re-examine and reimagine the world around us. This is what art does, and this is what creativity can do.

We figure the best shot we have at making something better ​is to support creative work with as many representations of people & ideas as possible.  To bring people who are emerging, established and on the frontlines of an issue or idea together. People who are focusing on or affected by the same subject– whether access to water, wealth gaps, the rural/urban divide, nationalism vs globalism in the era of climate chaos, systemic racism, the idea of democracy…


People who are creating something beautiful, interesting, provocative or deeply personal. People who are in touch with non-human centered needs. People who disagree. People who are making the leap in their own work, in their own lives, for those around them. Bringing together collective knowledge, wisdom and experience across fields and perspectives. 

We both come to this work as artists ourselves. As people who have spent endless hours on small details for the possibility of creating wonder, beauty, a glitch in the normal. But we’ve also worked on farms, in education, in food service, in design. We’ve lived on both coasts and in the country. We can pick up the axe as well as we pick up the pen. We’ve never fit the mold. 

We do this work because we deeply love this world, for all its flaws and struggles. Because we still want to have children and not betray or be betrayed by the future in doing so. Because we want to support the work that has the best chance to make the future we owe to the world.


Start where you are.
But walk towards where you want to end up.

Because the truth is, everything has always been made by the many, by each and every action, and we all have a part in it. For better and worse.

Our future relies on our collective creativity, and it's time to get it together.  


– Julia & Dhira

A letter from Dhira & Julia

co-founders of HWC...

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