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The Giant Spoon in Prospect Park Brookly
Woman rocking it out in Prospect Park Brooklyn with the Giant Spoon, Summer 2020

Over the last six years, we have reached over 7,000 people with our work– producing 40+ public engagements, hosting 150+ creative residents around the country and the world, and directly supporting 60+ other nonprofits.

Our impact is measured not only in numbers by the people we touch through our programming, but the ripples that come when you support people who in turn support others.

Whether it's a past resident like Kat Croft, who was planting the seedlings of her timely work Native Sisters four years ago, that's now in production, or Aika Swai, a scholar on decolonization in Cape Town, who created her website in our Fellowship program so she can present her prescient lectures to the global stage, the work of time & space can leave ripples that reach wider and wider shores.
We support the people and organizations already doing the work to help us rebalance the world we’re in, so they can widen their impact. We converge people across generations, identities and contexts so we have a better chance at finding whole system solutions.  And we create the conditions for curiosity and the creative leap, towards collective liberation.

our impact


An artist residency not just for artists– done remotely, in the country and in unlikely spaces across NYC.

Revaluing creativity

Catalyzing process & impact

Accessibility, in cost & duration

4 years of programming.

150+ Creative Residents.

12 states & 7 countries.


Directly & indirectly supporting organizations, individuals and new ideas within our 12 themes of the basic needs.

Models of mutual support

Coalition building across sectors

Catalyzing whole system thinking

2 years of programming.

60+ organizations. 

$10k+ donated.

3,000+ people reached.


Joyously & creatively engaging the public within often complicated, fatigued, or overwhelming subjects

Civic participation & unlikely partners

New & unexpected audiences

Embodied examples of liberation

6 years of programming.

50+ collaborators. 

$20k+ raised.

4,000+ people reached.

If we can bring joy, creativity & a diversity of thought & action across sectors, we can catalyze the work already being done to rebalance our relationship to ourselves, the earth & each other.


Narrative under
Pulse of Narrative workshop with Garrard Conley 2017 • Photo by Leah Haydock
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