In the summer of 2014, Holes in the Wall Collective began our first public endeavor with an ambitious one-take music video to Hee Young's single "Whiskey to Tea," off her LP Sleepless Nights. Constructing a 25 ft. diorama that the camera traveled through on a hand-made track, we attempted the nearly impossible with one night to perfectly film a one-take. One year later, we did it again, this time with just a little more time and a little more help and a handmade dolly from a roller skate found at the nearby country thrift store.  It wasn't perfect, but neither is anything.

Music-"Whiskey to Tea-" by Hee Young
Diorama, direction & production Dhira Rauch & Julia Meeks
Camera operating & PA Damian Kelly
Lighting setup & operation Vadim Ledvin

Thanks to Andy Eggleston, Elizabeth Hensley, Jan Cohen-Cruz and Dionisio Cruz and all our Indigogo supporters.

For other one-takes of this fun house carnival through the heart, click HERE.

Damian retrofitting our DIY roller-dolly

Dhira & andy Building the rig

Testing the lights with Vadim

Testing the lights with Vadim