T I M E  &  S P A C E

for creativity • for inquiry • for experimentation • for brainstorm • for collaboration • for solo work • for building • for bridging • for confrontation • for widening • for listening • for challenge • for retreat • for making new • for making holes in the wall

The Holes in the Wall Collective Center for Creative Research, Reflection & Action is designed to hold space for diverse and sometimes disparate perspectives, knowledge and wisdom.  Recognizing that the world is built by complex networks mired with context, history, oppression and categorization. We recognize a need for the time and space to leave the one's context, the routine, and at times the crisis, to find both challenge and comfort in actively living the question:  where do we go from here ? 

Holes in the Wall Collective will continue it's mission to bridge creatives across disciplines and identities together– holding space for the process and outcomes necessary to build more equitable realities.

Here we plan to grow into a more permanent home for Holes in the Wall Collective. Holding space for the layers of creative work to be archived into the soil, into the center.

Holes in the Wall Collective is ready to make this happen. 
We have vision, do you have capital ?
• • •

C O M P O N E N T S  O F  T H E  C E N T E R . . .

I N S U L A R  vs  I N T E G R A T E D
Holes in the Wall Collective does not seek to build the C2R2A as an insular commune, living an ideology inaccessible to a wider world. Recognizing we are not from the community we will move to, and that much of our programming will not be designed solely for the local issues and economy, Holes in the Wall Collective is committed to creating opportunities for interaction, building local relationships and contributing to the local economy.  Like anyone trying to forge a path forward, we expect some resistance, some misunderstanding and some romanticizing of our endeavors. We do not claim what we will always step perfectly, but we are determined to have transparency of our blindnesses and privileges and of the complications inherent in every decision that involves the interaction of people, land and materials.

B U I L D I N G  on the L A N D
Holes in the Wall Collective will build the center in line with integral design principles, least extractive materials and towards future generations. Structures will be placed in relationship to one another and the surrounding ecology– creating a flow and synergy between the individual buildings and the collective center. Spaces will be modern, warm and accessible while being natural, integrated and less intensive on the environment– taking into account materials used, heating, electricity, septic and plumbing, as well as aesthetics and flow of space.  Proposed building structures include the Emergence Room and the Basic Needs Houses. Similar to that of the pavilions at the Venice Biennale, each tiny house will be constructed in collaboration with a designer/architect assigned with the task to design a space best representing and made specifically to hold new thinking around their respective theme– for example Health; Food/Clothing/Shelter; Technology/Materials/ Design; and the Environment. Each structure will stand independent in itself and be positioned in relationship to one another and the surrounding landscape. The overall design and flow of the center will be based upon the premise: how do we build a space most conducive to creative research, reflection & action?

F A R M I N G  and the  L A N D
Holes in the Wall Collective will partner with a farmer, small group of farmers or farming family to cultivate a portion of the land for growing seasonal produce, maintaining fruit trees, helping with livestock (chickens, guinea hen, goats) for the farmers livelihood and for residents and programming. Based on a history of successfully using in-kind trade to support our work, HWC intends to lease the land at no cost or low cost depending on economic yield and amount given to HWC. Land at Holes in the Wall Collective will be stewarded with respect to its own natural rhythms and resources. Any logging, foraging, water usage or infrastructure changes will be carried out in accordance with the values and principles of a sustaining and thriving ecosystem where humans are relational and not dominant to all cycles.

F U T U R E  P R O G R A M M I N G . . .

H O U S I N G  the  C R E A T I V E  R E S I D E N C Y  P R O G R A M
Holes in the Wall Collective plans to continue our Creative Residency Program as a way to offer time and space, to continue to build unexpected relationships, and to contribute to Holes in the Wall Collective’s sustainability.  We look forward to starting back up where we left off in Pennsylvania and are ready to open registration as soon as we settle in at our next location.  With our prospective site, we will be able to house at least five residents per-week, continuing to bring together creatives across mediums, disciplines and fields. 

E3 (emergent/established/emergency) P R O G R A M
We will especially curate emerging, established and creatives operating on the front line from a diversity of contexts, disciplines and identities to incubate their individual projects related to HWC’s selected yearly theme. Designed to re-integrate perspectives, fields and identities into a creative process to reimagine (and rebalance) the basic needs. This program will encourage creative cross-over through weekly round-tables for people to share their work and feedback sessions offering critique and perspective. Once building is complete, fellows will be housed in the Basic Needs Tiny Houses, matching their work with each thematic house. We encourage creative cross-over to happen organically in collective spaces, and will hold weekly round-tables in the Emergence Room for people to share their work and offer feedback, critique and perspective. We intend to partner with guest curators to invite participants in their respective specialty– widening representation and access.

Summer sessions designed to pair youth (18-25) and elders (55+) together in shared projects with possibilities for significant mutual benefit. Recognizing inter-generational wisdom is often overlooked and can be essential in creating new and lasting models that do not reinvent the wheel nor rely on wheels that are out of habit instead of necessity.  Participants will be housed at the Center for Creative Research, Reflection and Action and held in a curriculum framework that connects to our yearly themes.  We would love to grow this program to exist on a yearly basis, supporting an ongoing relationship between youth and elder partnerships.

The model Site

Nestled in the Southern Catskills roughly two hours from NYC. Woods and open space, sloped and flat land for building, existing structures and room to grow.

Land Features Include-

•  Land with it’s natural rhythms unbroken, a space with vantage, access and the possibility to support the basics– water, air quality, ground for growing, space.

•  25 plus acres (to meet septic requirements) zoning allowances for additional structures.

•  An existing home, 4-5 bedrooms, up to code, ready to move in and start up the Creative Residency Program within two months.

•  Additional buildings/structures/infrastructure could include tool sheds, chicken coop(s), garage, additional living quarters, garden infrastructure/fencing, solar.

•  Space for alternative energy infrastructure– high solar markers, south facing, existing solar panels.

•  Acreage for additional structures, cleared/open/responsible to the land.

What We Need to Make it Happen.

Having rented for three years to build the Creative Residency Program, Holes in the Wall Collective is well aware of the overhead associated with maintaining a property.  We understand all the myriad components that go into hosting a center, including the utilities, heating costs and supplies it will take to run our programs.  We also have experience with building and land infrastructure costs – including the building of two gardens, a shed and coop, a tiny house and exterior bathroom with associated plumbing. 

With this knowledge, we aware that in order to successfully achieve our next steps we will need a significant amount of capital to keep our organization and our property healthy.

We are looking to raise $500,000 (we'll start with $250,000 !) in order for us to make an offer. This will allow us to continue our programming and fulfill our operating budget without adding on a mortgage that would tip us from healthy hustlers to manic fundraisers...

We are looking for pledges, for capital donations, for no or low-interest loans from individuals.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in our pop-up suitcase pitch ...