We Bring it Together.

After a four year residency at the Industry City Distillery in Brooklyn and three years running a sustaining Creative Residency Program in rural PA, having reached over 2,500 people in and around New York City, the US and the globe – Holes in the Wall Collective is taking our next big leap to build a CENTER for CREATIVE RESEARCH, REFLECTION & ACTION in the Catskill region, of New York.  Here we will continue our Creative Residency Program, invite annual Incubation Fellows working around a perspective theme, commence our Youth & Elders program, and commence our bi-annual Cauldron Sessions.

Meet Our Board . .

We have gathered an electric and diverse group to reflect the Holes in the Wall Collective Board of Directors. With a wealth of experience in art, education, performance, sales, data, curation, management, archiving, architecture, finance and aura fluffing, our board reflects our values and wide community. 

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KeerthI Reddy, Teresa Von Fuchs, Catherine Grau, Bibi Calderaro, Leandra Burnett Natasha Corbie

KeerthI Reddy, Teresa Von Fuchs, Catherine Grau, Bibi Calderaro, Leandra Burnett
Natasha Corbie

Damian Kelly

Damian Kelly


We have gathered almost 40 people across fields and expertise to be our advisors- to garner their wisdom and not keep trying to reinvent every wheel.

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Pitching our vision

We have found a beautiful prospective site and need funds to help  acquire the land to get back in action, with room to expand and grow our community and programming.  

We have begun our democratized funding campaign to include any depth of pocket and as many lucky pennies as we can get, [Click here to join the cause!] and we are looking for a few funders who recognize the possibility of vision and want to be integral from the start with significant capital.

Instead of just creating a typical power point deck to pitch our vision, we're taking a hands-on approach and presenting our case in a literal suitcase.  A pop-up suitcase presentation to tell you who we are, what we are doing and why we can do it together. A little taste of Holes in the Wall Collective in itself, it's an experiential sensorial way to make a pledge.  Because fundraising should be fun...

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