In the face of our current political discourse, Holes in the Wall Collective would like to invite you to join us for a two day miniature think-tank. Inviting independent minds across disciplines, fields and societal sectors to come delve into a weekend conversation.  A mini residency, a time away-  a chance to debate, to deliberate and to comprehend where are we, and where we could go from here.

Inviting each participant to bring a reading to share for a Friday evening salon & to join in a thought-luck style dinner on Saturday.

INDEPENDENCE.  Country.  Nation.  Boundaries.  Borders.  Nature.  National.  Authority.  Dependence.  Relational.  Separatist.  Evolution.  Immigration.  Migration.  Refugees.  Rules.  Culture.  Inheritance.  Way of Life.  Context.  Past.  Future.  Now.

Each participant will have a private room with work space, use of kitchen and access to 29 acres for walks and reflection, a large converted stone barn for performance/art studios, pool & pond.

$95 for the weekend, including private room, use of the kitchen + kitchen basics like flour, sugar, oils, spices and condiments. Holes in the Wall also provides coffee (we are coffee nerds), tea and popping corn.  Double room available for couples/fiends/collaborators for $150.

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