Come work on your work - solo or with collaborators.  Creatives across disciplines welcome.  An affordable chance to get away from your daily grind and carve out a slice of time for you.  Shared and individual space for productivity, reflection and work.  Open residencies are held for up to one week at a time. Designed for those of you unable to leave your life for long periods of time -- a change to focus in, finish that project, find your inspiration, change your normal.


Loosely held Frame week - solo or with collaborators.  The frame is meant to support your creative practice and work.  Holes in the Wall Collective will host a dinner the first night and open a discussion on the subject. The week is open and un-curated for you to be in your own process and work.  Designed to enhance your own work by relating to others through a wide subject matter.  The week will culminate in an optional sharing and reflection.


Available to organizations, research groups, salons, theater and dance troupes, small film crews and more- to come hold residence for up to one week.  Full access to cabin and Stone Barn with 1200 sq ft of open floor plan and studio space.


An opportunity for an organization to sponsor their employee for a work week intensive at the Holes in the Wall Residency. A chance to delve deep into a project, complete a deadline, envision a new one. A gift of time away, a new context, space for ones own.  Sponsor your colleague, your employee, your collaborator to have both a work intensive and a time away to themselves.  The work load is up to your own inter negotiations and the land is full of work space and play space inside and out.


inviting practitioners to host their next retreat or workshop at the Holes in the Wall Collective Creative Residency Program.