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HOLES IN THE WALL COLLECTIVE bridges PEOPLE-IDEAS-MATERIALS together, holding space for creative research, reflection & action
across disciplines and identities.


HOLES IN THE WALL COLLECTIVE works to hold SPACE most conducive to Creative Research, Reflection & Action.  Space that can hold creative work across disciplines.  Space for individual incubation and collective cross-over. As a curatorial organization, we design our programming to be THEMATIC, based on the current global temperature – a most pressing area that needs our collective attention and creative re-imagining. 

We bring together a wide collection of PEOPLE across intelligence, disciplines & identities to work on their work and share in collective space.  We Invite creative cross-over to happen organically in collective spaces, and hold round-tables for people to share their work and offer feedback, critique and perspective.

We believe not only in putting out the fires that make up our greatest social challenges (housing, poverty, health disparities...), but also and as importantly, creating the conditions so the fire doesn’t have to start in the first place. We are all good at reacting to crisis. It’s in our nature, built into our blood. But envisioning new models and better design is not always possible when the fire is already raging. Holes in the Wall Collective will be a place where people can leave their context to get distance from the crisis and be nurtured and challenged in their creative process.

As Buckminster Fuller states so clearly - You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.  We believe that by bringing together diverse intelligence across disciplines, generations and identities we can build these models.

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core values


Art communicates on multiple levels and is invaluable to complicate and broaden our perceptions. We see tremendous value in integrating the necessity of artistic practice with the necessity for creative work across fields– encouraging a shared identity of being a creative. 

We work to expand the notion of creativity past traditional frameworks, acknowledging creative practice as an integral component to all fields and disciplines. Our programming actively looks at re-valuing the time it takes for creativity and to value its impact beyond capital and human-centered time frames.

We bring together creatives across disciplines to challenge conceptions, find unlikely partnerships and to reestablish a whole-system approach to creative problem solving.

We value each intelligence as having its own unique perspective. We work to bring together individuals across generations, social-economic classes, gender identities and marginalized and non-marginalized groups within the context of the US and the globe. 

We value individual autonomy and collective synergy, and believe a healthy system is one in which both exist simultaneously.

We value integrative practice and holistic thinking as much as the work done and insight gained in specialization models. We recognize that each, and perhaps more importantly the interplay between the two, creates the ground for creative reimagining.


We seek to bridge together emergent and established thinkers and practitioners to find the wisdom, perspective and courage needed to create new realities.

We believe in the integration, interaction and valuing of multi-generational perspectives, especially between Youth and Elders, and that in doing so we can save energy (creative capacity) by not having to re-invent the wheel.

Our programming actively values and gives due time to understanding context and taking time for process, as much as focusing on outcomes.

We work towards models where the basic needs- environment (water, soil, sun, air), food, clothing, shelter are met, increasing access to creative practice. Once the basic needs are met, human energy (or creative capacity) can be freed up and directed into new areas of living.

We believe that possibility and impact are intrinsically linked to the design. We look to build and support the re-imagining of spaces, structures and systems that support more equitable realities for people and the planet.

We look to find and honor the whole value of people, ideas and materials, especially those that have traditionally been left out or forgotten and to include whole value measures from the start.

Oppression is never isolated and no problem can be solved independently from one another. We believe lasting change cannot occur without representation, access and sustainability for ourselves, those around us and our environment.

How to Make a Hole in the Wall ...

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