Hole Punch

we are leaping big into the future . . .

Raise Up

Yearly Themes: Raise Up 2018/2019, Change the Climate 2019/2020, Know your Media 2020/2021 and Step Aside: Youth Vision 2021/2022.


Continuing our Creative Residency Program for creatives of all kinds.

mini creative res
Basic Need Tiny Houses

Build the Basic Needs Houses: thematic houses based off the basic needs + the Emergence Room.


Cultivate the next Holes in the Wall Collective
Tiny Farm / Big Garden.

farm minis
incubation fellows

Commence our E3 (emergent, established, emergency) Program, Inviting change-makers from a diversity of contexts, disciplines and identities to incubate their work.


Commence our Youth & Elders Program, designed for inter-generational knowledge sharing to come together around creative re-imagining.

caudron of beans.png

Host our biannual Cauldron Sessions: 1-2 day public events designed to celebrate work being done within the year’s theme.


Curate and partner with existing organizations, establishments and institutions to produce Events/Conversations/Happenings in and around New York City.


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1-3 yr plan