OFFERING FREE SPACE for ORGANIZATIONS who are actively challenging broken systems, rethinking establishments and MAKING HOLES in the WALL of expectations.

Holes in the Wall Collective, in partnership with Industry City Distillery, is offering space to artists and organizations in and around the New York area to run their...


With over 1500 square feet of space on the 6th floor overlooking the skyline of Manhattan and Lady Liberty, we invite you to run your event at the Industry City Distillery Tasting Room.

How it works:

  1.  Apply with us.  Tell us who you are, what you do, why you do it.  How your organization is actively challenging a broken system, supporting people outside of an establishment or breaking down expectations of experiences in learning/ education/ access.
  2.  Meet with us. Propose your event.
  3.  Schedule your event. Holes in the Wall Collective will offer certain non-working tasting room hours sun-thurs February-May 2017
  4.  What free means:  We offer space, with limitations and stipulations of the Distillery and Industry City.  Holes in the Wall Collective will curate and run all food & drink from the premises.  This allows us to pay our time and cover the bills for the space from the Distillery.  
    Any proceeds from the door/tickets, non-food or beverage concessions or other funds raised go directly to you.  
  5.   Why we’re are offering this:  Because we are looking to expand our collective towards organizations we feel alit in ethos and inspired in mission.  Because Industry City Distillery is a partner that respects the width of that vision.

Housed in Sunset Park, the Industry City Distillery has been in the building since before Industry City was Industry City.™  With the new development of the area and the gentrification that comes with it, we are determined to hold space and collaborate with and for people from a wider equitable base.

Interested in hosting an event?