POPCORN ROCK - Petroglyphs Discovery/ Kristyna and marek milde

During our exploration of the surrounding land we stumbled upon a great discovery. We found a PopCorn Rock, a stone covered with petroglyphs! This is quite a find, since this type of ancient rock art is mostly found on the West Coast. The engravings in stone appear to retell to story of corn. Probably a seers vision of the future ­our current present. There is a snake like image, which resembles the molecular chain of high fructose corn syrup next to a drawing of a corn on a iPhone screen, popcorn and a three figures engaging in current rituals of shopping, drinking soda and watching TV. The stone is located on the roadside between the former cornfield and the Ruppert School Road.
http://maps.apple.com/?lsp=7618&q=40.432361,-75.726878&sll=40.432361,-75.726 878

We encourage you to go to see it!

Kristyna and Marek www.mildeart.com


Kristyna and Marek Milde Impressions

It is wonderful getting to know the land at the Holes in the Wall Collective Residency. The meadows are blooming with variety of wild plants, the lake harbors a magic island, the woods keep hidden treasures that can be found by those who look thoroughly. The first day the rain and mist created a spectacular drawings on spider webs,  hanging raindrop jewels on the plants at the meadow. Everyday brings new discoveries such as wild garlic or morrel mushrooms. The weather decided to give us lots of rain, so it is time for contemplation and friendly talks over delicious food. :)

Kristyna and Marek


The Maize.

We welcome a month of process.  How we are affected by our environment.  How we affect our environment. How we are affected by each other.  How we choose to relate to what is relating around us. A worthy exploration.

CORN: Syrup. Oil.Fuel. Feed. GMO darling. Movie Companion. Floss Nemesis. So we begin.