Zea/Corvus/Homo... [HEMES]

How do humans and nonhumans affect soil nutrients? How does monoculture crop growing shape soil and how does soil shape humans and nonhuman growth? 

I began my investigations by taking samples from 7 sites located throughout the retired corn field: revealing varying levels of phosphorus and potassium, but all low in nitrogen. Through commercial cultivation, humans have become a system component that takes too much, spiraling away from balance and sustainability. How do we (humans) more efficiently and respectfully participate in the energy exchange system of farming? 

PVC bird feeders are placed on the land in the formation of the Pleiades (Seven Sisters) constellation-- used by northern hemisphere agricultural communities as an indicator for the planting and harvesting of corn. Each bird feeder features a fiber optic 'corn silk' tassel, illuminated by an earth-battery-powered LED. The color of the LED represents the nutrient quality of the soil of each specific site. Seed invites birds to perch and eat and  poop, returning nitrogen to the soil below.