POPCORN ROCK - Petroglyphs Discovery/ Kristyna and marek milde

During our exploration of the surrounding land we stumbled upon a great discovery. We found a PopCorn Rock, a stone covered with petroglyphs! This is quite a find, since this type of ancient rock art is mostly found on the West Coast. The engravings in stone appear to retell to story of corn. Probably a seers vision of the future ­our current present. There is a snake like image, which resembles the molecular chain of high fructose corn syrup next to a drawing of a corn on a iPhone screen, popcorn and a three figures engaging in current rituals of shopping, drinking soda and watching TV. The stone is located on the roadside between the former cornfield and the Ruppert School Road.
http://maps.apple.com/?lsp=7618&q=40.432361,-75.726878&sll=40.432361,-75.726 878

We encourage you to go to see it!

Kristyna and Marek www.mildeart.com