Becoming Corn-root God

I am the corn-root spirit entity. Before I enter the soil... Or is it after I emerge? I travel. My spirit travels between hosts, each adding their experience to my own. I am ever evolving, learning, exploring.

Through my travels I have etched my history, my relation in the rocks. I have collected, categorized the origins of existence and mapped my plane, its environs. My trailblazing has been carefully recorded, studying, marking, protecting, transcending specimens. I have looked to the stars and I have felt my place among them. I belong. My sisters.

Now I feel the need for a place to reflect, to observe, a place to keep my memories, my education, to rest. I build it. I build it from my surroundings to seclude, intimate. Cocoon, bower, gall? I build it to attract another? To share.