EXQUISITE CORPUS at Industry City Distillery

January 23rd, 2015

Creating a new body of work
through an elaborate human telephone.

Beginning with a work by painter Cecelia Rembert, two artists were asked to pick a work from their catalog that responded, matched, countered or dialogued with the piece in some way. Each of these two artists asked one artist from their network to add one of their pieces to the chain that engaged with the work they have chosen. The chain had a month to grow.

A horizontally curated group show. 
Co-conceived by painter Cecelia Rembert. 


Participating artists

Cecelia Rembert
Guillaume Paturel
Tammy Logan
Erin Irine Henry
Florence Carrie
Jeannie Weissglass
Jen Dawson
Kate Elliot
Miatta Kawinzi
Nari Kim
Pascale Ouattara
Rachel Owens
Sara Coffin
Sarah Crofts
Thierry Kupferschmied
Anne Deleporte