community saturdays flier-01.jpg

community saturdays!

Come join us for Community Saturdays in the park...

popping up against business as usual with live music and community actions.

Stop on by, seesaw your climate solutions, join the teaspoon brigade,cut a rug, celebrate with the hoi polloi

in support of you and us and something better...

2-4p in Prospect Park
Grand Army entrance-- right at the end of the farmer's market where there is a big green triangle before you get to the main ring road.

We'll be out in the sun so bring a hat, or parasol or sunglasses...
Bring the kids.

L-train brass.jpg

JULY 13th.

L Train Brass Band.

2-4p near Grand Army plaza entrance.

Great! But how is a community picnic dance party in the park gonna help us change the climate?

1/ One of the best ways to make a movement is to get moving.   And doing it joyously through music helps you keep moving.

2/  We are looking to support the people already doing the work.  For this we need your support
And to ask for your support, it's just better with chips & salsa and live music.

3. It takes a village to raise a child and an entire metropolis to get creative enough to raise the issue and change the climate.