We are stepping W I D E  into the future and are looking for individuals who are savvy, well-versed and inquisitive in our established structures with sights on being a part of building what's next.

Welcoming game-changers across fields and disciplines to join the Holes in the Wall Collective team - creative thinkers, innovators, organizers, consultants, accountants, activists & artists.

 new projects - project support - project building

Legal Advisors.  For Non-Profits, start-up and established.  Advice on how best to surf the Non-Profit Industrial Complex.

Modern Day Robin Hoods. Folks interested in funneling, redirecting and reinvesting resources.  Do you know people with or from wealth who are ready, able and willing to channel their resources back into the places that are in need of our collective immediate attention ?  Are you willing to find them ?

A Bad-Ass Accountant. Someone who knows the old guard- why it exists and how to exist within it - and who is actively looking at systems and structures for new economy.

CollaboratE, collaborate

We are actively seeking out collaborations with game-changers of all kinds - people across fields,  disciplines, and identities.  People looking towards new systems, old wisdom, & creative re-envisioning. creative thinkers, makers, and doers actively working to make creative change in their community or around the globe. 

As we gear up to buy land for Holes in the Wall Collective in the Catskill region of NY, we are working to build connections to thinkers, artists, makers, farmers in the area. 

If you, your organization, or someone you know is interested in collaborating,

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past collaborations

Over the years we have worked with Art in the Fields, Heeyoung Music,  PIMA at Brooklyn College,  Next Epoch Seed Library, Batalá New York, Andrew Benincasa, DJ Scribe, Art Codex, Krystina & Marek Milde, Catherine Grau, Bibi Calderaro, Dana Hemes, Glen Einbinder, tubafresh, Funkrust and Rude Mechanical Orchestra, Nikki Selken, Kriye Bodi dance, Natasha Corbie, Cecelia Rembert, Deb Klein Photography, Textile Arts Center, Insatiable Vegan, The Work Center, among many others...
Artist collaborations include Cecelia Rembert, Kristyna and Marek Milde, Mike Estebrook & Vandana Jain, Bibi Calderaro, Anne Percoco, Dana Hemes, Catherine Grau & Glen Einbinder, to name a few...
Our pop-up WhatNOWwhat benefits have worked with and supported My Sister's Place, Hattie Carthan Community Garden, Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter, ViBe Theater Experience, Trans Women of Color Collective, Honor the Earth, 350NYC, NRDC, Earthjustice, Center for Media Justice, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Interference Archive, WITNESS, The Guardian Project, City Growers, Brooklyn College Community Partnership, Day One and Urban Word NYC.
Residencies and Workshops include JAG Productions, New Feet Theater, Associates Theater Group, Broken Box Theater Troupe, Elyce Semenec Yoga, Garrard Conley Memoir, Ritual Life, Porras/Ghoussaini and many independent artists and thinkers.

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