Thematic houses built based off the basic needs–

Food/Clothing/Shelter • Environment (water, air, soil, climate) • Health (physical, spiritual, emotional) • Education • Economy • Policy/Law/Government • Materials/Design/Technology • Media/Language/Communications • Art (all fields-performing, writing, visual, film) + the Emergence Room– a shared library, collective workspace and kitchen.

Holes in the Wall Collective will build the center in line with integral design principles, least extractive materials and towards future generations. Structures will be placed in relationship to one another and the surrounding ecology– creating a flow and synergy between the individual buildings and the collective center. Spaces will be modern, warm and accessible while being natural, integrated and less intensive on the environment– taking into account materials used, heating, electricity, septic and plumbing, as well as aesthetics and flow of space.  Proposed building structures include the Emergence Room and the Basic Needs Houses. Similar to that of the pavilions at the Venice Biennale, each tiny house will be constructed in collaboration with a designer/architect assigned with the task to design a space best representing and made specifically to hold new thinking around their respective theme– for example Health; Food/Clothing/Shelter; Technology/Materials/ Design; and the Environment. Each structure will stand independent in itself and be positioned in relationship to one another and the surrounding landscape. The overall design and flow of the center will be based upon the premise:

How do we build a space most conducive to creative research, reflection & action?

We are currently seeking relationships to architects & designers
If you are interested in collaborating . . .