360 Minutes. One turn of the wheel. The One Day Residency Experiment.

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This is an experiment of time & space. How creativity ripples in the ordinary and how sometimes we just need to have an appointment to show up for ourselves and do the work.

Each month, we’ll have a number of creative residents who we matched with spaces around the city for just 360 minutes. A small container but also a surprisingly generous time to focus.

There are no requirements save one during the time — a post about the process, place or one’s own work. Here is a continuing blog of these reflections, along with some info about the spaces and some of our thoughts. Maybe you’ll be inspired to apply to be a 360 resident yourself or just go somewhere new and set up shop for a day. (If you’d like our little card: “do not disturb. resident in progress.” email us!)

Dhira & Julia
Holes in the Wall Collective